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Gold Coast Skylights specializes in skylight projects of any size and in any array of architectural displays imaginable. No matter what the project demands—from prefab installations and complex custom structures to the most unique and unusual designs—our only limit is your imagination.

Illuminate Your Space with Gold Coast

The following is a brief explanation of the skylight types, shapes and styles that Gold Coast masterfully crafts to bathe your commercial or residential project in beautiful natural light.

See a variety of custom skylight shapes at the Boys Job: a ventilated polygonal pyramid atrium/solarim and several custom curb mount triangles and diamonds.

Commercial exterior polygonal pyramid skylights are affordable under tight construction budgets.

Pyramid Skylights

pyramid skylights are metal-framed glass structures built in the shape
of a pyramid. The pitch can follow the original roofline or jut out at a steeper angle
for a striking architectural effect.

Polygon Skylights

can be designed and built by Gold Coast in any shape your structure requires. Pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons and beyond—there’s no limit to the skylight shape and size.

Ridgelight Skylights

open up your structure’s ridgeline, the roof's peak, with a custom designed skylight running right down the centerline.

Gable Ridgelight Skylights

are similar to a standard ridgelight skylight, Gable Ridgelight Skylights extend the length of the ridge and include a glass gable end, which allows ever more light and offers dramatic architectural detail.

Hip Ridgelight Skylights

are much like a pyramid, Hip Ridgelight Skylights are rectangular in shape and slope on all 4 sides, yet boast a long ridge down the middle
instead of 4 planes meeting at the center point.

Tandem Unit Skylights

are simply two or more skylights installed together that share a common base frame.

Triangle and Polygon Skylights:

Triangle skylights are popular now. just as the names implies, Triangle Skylights are triangle shaped skylights and Circle Skylights are circle-shaped skylights. Circle skylights boast a natural, holistic aesthetic. Triangles are installed as a single unit or fitted together in tandem to form a myriad of flat and convex shapes.

Barrel Vault Skylights

Gold Coast knows barrel vault skylights. are long and rectangular in shape, Barrel Vault Skylights feature a single curved arch that runs the length of the unit.

Gold Coast Skylights serves the Orange, Riverside and San Diego County area.

Ask about Nationwide Service: we can handle your sklylight, window and door needs without a hitch, having decades of experience with contractors, developers, and municipalities, delivering a clear track record of successful installations and service.